Create – or Renovate – with an Aqualux Pool Finish

An Aqualux Pool Interior can be installed into any  size, shape or make of pool, and unlike other pool finishes, it’s guaranteed never to chip or crack.

Easily installed over tiles, pebblecrete, glass beads, fibreglass, rendered and painted pools, Aqualux is incredibly flexible, and is guaranteed to stop leaks, and to keep your pool shell watertight for years to come. In a large range of stunning colours, there is one to suit your new pool or renovation.


Aqualux is the ultimate surface finish for new pools of any size, brand or build type.


img2 Renovating a concrete, fibreglass or marbelite pool? Renovate then resurface with Aqualux!


img3 Got an old panel pool or an existing vinyl liner pool? Upgrade with Aqualux.


A cracked or leaking tiled pool can be easily repaired by resurfacing with Aqualux.


Resurfacing with Aqualux will make a tired old pool look and feel brand new again.