The perfect surface finish for new swimming pools

If you’re building a new pool, and don’t want to be restricted by the sizes and shapes of ‘off the shelf’ pool shells, your only options are a pre-engineered steel wall pool, block or concrete pool. These pool builds require waterproofing – and there is no better way to do it than with Aqualux.The stunning pool featured on this page was built using rendered brick. The Aqualux finish was  manufactured by ABGAL Liners & Covers in Brisbane.The design incorporated so many ledges, steps and even a row of bar stools, that it had to be measured using specialist 3D technology.  Once the measurements are taken, they are sent to ABGAL for design and production. Despite being such a complicated design, this membrane was manufactured entirely in the factory, and delivered on site in one single piece, ready for immediate installation.

No cutting, welding or alterations on site are required – the new pool surface is simply rolled into position, edges are affixed, and it is vacuumed into place. The pool can be filled immediately – unlike other finishes, there is no need to wait for glues to dry, or grout to cure. The pool is ready for swimming as soon as it has been filled!

If you live in Victoria, you may be interested in installing a new  a pre-engineered, stainless steel-walled pool from  Albatross Pools.

Albatross pre-engineered pools are ideal for backyards with limited access, as all the pool building equipment can literally be walked in through the front door! You may have seen one of their pools recently built on Channel 10’s ‘The Home Team’, featuring an Aqualux finish in Antique.

3D block pool with spa on