The best surface finish for your swimming pool

An Aqualux pool finish provides more real benefits than any other option.

Smooth to touch, it will not crack, chip or flake, requires very little maintenance, and can be installed in any size, shape and make of pool, regardless of whether it is a new pool, or a renovation.

Aqualux is a flexible surface for your pool.

A hard pool shell can’t handle ground movement – so where finishes like tile and fibreglass will crack, Aqualux can flex, and absorb the movement without damage. It can stretch up to 300% before breaking! A great show of strength – Aqualux is able to hold the weight of this 4WD!

Aqualux is incredibly low maintenance.

Treated to inhibit algae, bacteria and fungus, Aqualux is the lowest maintenance pool finish available. No scrubbing needed – ever! Some pool builders actually refer to it as the ‘ultimate lazy mans pool’.

Aqualux has the brightest colours.

The first thing people notice about your pool is the colour. And with a range of vibrant designer colours and patterns, Aqualux gives your pool a depth of colour not available with any other pool finish. Treated to resist UV fade, colours will stay rich and bright, long after other surfaces like cheap pool liners and pool paint have faded away.

Aqualux can be fitted to any shape.

Got a deep end, steps or even bar stools? Aqualux has it covered – every membrane is made to order, to fit your pool perfectly – any size, any shape or make of pool. If you are renovating, and would like some steps or perhaps a bench added – its a perfect time. Once changes are made to the pool structure, the Aqualux membrane resurfaces the entire pool, giving a smooth, perfect finish, making it impossible to tell old from new.

Aqualux is a pool interior that is covered by insurance.

An Aqualux pool finish is fully insurable through most normal household insurance policies – repairs generally incur no out of pocket costs other than your normal excess. Check with your insurer as to specific inclusions on your policy.

Aqualux is guaranteed to last.

While a normal pool liner has a life expectancy of 5-7 years, an Aqualux protective membrane is guaranteed to keep your pool shell watertight for 12 years – and most will last for years beyond this. With the right conditions, it is not unusual for an Aqualux pool finish to last for 15 to 20 years in Australia, and even longer. In fact, in New Zealand, where the weather conditions are not as harsh, some installers offer an additional warranty of up to 20 years.