Renovating or repairing an existing pool?

If you have an older, faded vinyl pool liner, and it’s time for a replacement, upgrade to an Aqualux pool finish. 100% compatible with all vinyl-lined pools, installation is a simple matter of removing the old liner, tidying up the surface as needed, and fitting the Aqualux finish. Just because a pool starts out as a tiled or painted pool – or even a fibreglass pool – doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

Repair a leaking or cracked pool

If you’ve had repeated crack repairs on a tiled, painted or other hard pool finish, Aqualux is the answer.  A hard pool shell can’t handle ground movement – so where traditional pool interiors like tile, render and fibreglass will crack, Aqualux can flex and return back to its original position. It is capable of flexing up to 300%. With drought and flood conditions over the last 10 years affecting large areas of Australia, we’ve seen a massive increase in the numbers of concrete swimming pools being resurfaced with Aqualux to repair cracks and leaks.

Osmosis or flaky fibreglass

This fibreglass pool shell pictured here was faded and flaky, and the owners were starting to experience what is known as ‘fibreglass itch’. The pool was drained, loose fibreglass removed, and the pool shell was converted and resurfaced with Aqualux for a no-nonsense, effective solution.

For fibreglass pools with Osmosis, Aqualux can actually be applied directly over the pool shell – no grinding or cutting out required.  The Aqualux interior forms a waterproof barrier between the shell and the water, sealing the Osmosis away behind it. You can watch the process in time-lapse on our facebook page.

Restoring your pool with Aqualux

Perhaps your swimming pool is still functional but is looking a bit tired. Give it a new lease on life with Aqualux! Pick from a range of stunning colours and patterns – you can easily change from a natural, pebble look pool to a vibrant resort blue.

Replacing an inground pool liner

For areas with ground movement, where cracking causes issues, or for just an all-round ‘low maintenance’ swimming pool, it’s hard to beat an inground pool liner. An Aqualux pool finish is ideal here too – the old liner is pulled out, and the Aqualux goes straight in.